What is the difference between the New RoyalVibe product range and the CellQuicken + ?

The RoyalVibe product range consists of the following with various advantages:

  • Auto pathogen detector
  • Higher output
  • Offers Brain entrainment
  • Android compatible
  • User friendly


What is the purpose of the product?

To do ailment treatment. This includes the treatment of all medical conditions, to detect pathogens and create an antidote to destroy them, and also to build good health in organs. While treating for specific conditions, you are energizing the atoms within the body to benefit the cells and eventually the organs. Together with this, we allow for health tracking, brain entrainment, and structuring of water.


What is health tracking?

This is the term used to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment. It is done using the Quantum Matrix analyzer.


What is brain entrainment?

Brain entrainment assists in eliminating our limiting belief system. It includes that of health, wealth and even our social perceptions. By using brain entrainment, we can now empower our subconscious mind with a new positive approach to our daily life.


What is a pathogen?

Pathogens are viruses, fungi and bacteria. There is no side effect for treating for a pathogen that is not in your body, however, with the new auto pathogen detector, within a matter of minutes, you are now able to detect all unwanted pathogens and create an immediate antidote against it.


How often can you run a treatment?

Each treatment set has a specific run time, you can however repeat it as many times to suit your needs. * Do take important note of specific conditions further below*


Can children be treated?

Yes, children under the age of 12 can be treated with a lowered intensity. The flow of energy for children is higher.

Analyzing children: Note that the analysis will focus only on the fundamentals of early childhood and adolescent development.
Such as:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Amino acid
  • Coenzyme
  • ADHD pre-factors


How does one do treatment?

You do not need to hold the antenna nor the elector therapy balls in your hand. It is not necessary to treat with electro therapy unless you have muscle spasms or injuries. Here you would then have the electro therapy balls be in direct contact with the injured area.


How do I choose a treatment set?

Run a search for the diagnosed condition on the treatment provided on your app/and or computer. www.healthadvicehub.com . Also search for anything relating to the area or organ having the condition.

Use other resources to research other possible cause to the organ discomfort as that organ may not be then primary cause of the discomfort.


How do I make a treatment program?

*BRIEFLY* – When doing a search with a key word, you may want to select more than one treatment set to run one after the other. The grouping of treatment sets will form the treatment program. *follow instructions provided in the user manuals on how to program and run a treatment*


How do I treat for cancer?

Always choose the tumor related treatment first, there after treat with the cancer treatment sets.


What is the difference between Chemotherapy and Frequency treatment?

Chemo treatment has proven toxic to healthy cells and there for causes the breakdown of cells. With our product range, we build the cells.


Are there any precautions to heed to with regards to certain health discomforts and treatments?

Brain tumors: The treatment sets must not exceed 5 repeats per day. Do not run one set alone for more than 2 hours a day. Multiple sets can form a treatment program and may exceed 2 hours but not more than 5 repeats per set. Brain inflammation does occur to some extent when treating any brain tumor, so run Meningitis.